The Enneagram Center for Transformation & Change is dedicated to the teaching,
transmission, and utilization of the Enneagram as a profound and fundamentally real and sane
tool for assisting individuals in awakening to, and realizing their True Nature, their Essential and
Authentic Self. In this awakened state, an individual is able to experience deep and loving
rapport with self and others, savor the essence and beauty of reality, and live fully in touch with
their intuitive wisdom and creative gifts. In essence, the Enneagram it is a merciful delusion-
buster that opens an individual to the truth of their experience through the vehicle of radical
awareness and compassion. This amazing tool, transmitted by some of our planets most
enlightened and wise individuals, identifies with precision the personality habits of each Type
which inhibit their ability to sense and know what is real and true in their body, heart, mind and
soul. With tremendous accuracy it opens doors to an individual’s personality prison-habits which
are the source of one’s repetitious suffering, such that an individual’s True Nature and True
Essence is experienced, realized and called forth. This awakening to the truth of one’s Being is
what mercilessly destroys an individual’s attachments to their addictions (those habits utilized to
fill-in for the experience of one’s True Self) be it addiction to a familiar habit of unhappiness, or
to alcohol and other drugs, food, sex, money, spending, gambling, and so on.

Study of the Enneagram reveals the following:

1.  One’s Authentic Self

2.  The physical, emotional and mental habits which inhibit one’s ability to experience their
Authentic Self.

3.  The practices that awaken the ensuing joy, spaciousness, clarity, intuitive knowing and deep
connection with self/others as one becomes less defended, and more Present.

4.  The Basic Fear and Secondary Fear that unconsciously drive the Types personality Habits.

5.  The emotional habit (the passion) and the mental habit (the fixation) that shut down one’s
heart, body, and mind.

6.  The practices available to each type to digest and transcend their defensive habits which
were developed in childhood as a response to suffering,

7.  The path of growth and transformation for each type.

8.  The shadow side of each type wherein an individual responds defensively while imagining
they are open and present to reality (no, they are caught in the unconscious pattern of their

It is to these goals that The Enneagram Center for Transformation & Change/Enneagram
Institute of Maine are passionately in service of.

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